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The 320th Troop Carrier Squadron was constituted on 9 Dec 1944, activated on 17 Dec 1944, and inactivated on 19 Aug 1946. It was part of the 509th Composite Group, stationed at Wendover Field, Utah (17 Dec 1944-26 Apr 1945), North Field, Tinian (30 May-17 Oct 1945), and Roswell AAFld, NM (6 NOV 1945-19 Aug 1946.) Operations were aerial transportation in support of the 509th Composite Group's atomic warfare activities in 1945, and for atomic tests in the Marshall Islands in 1946. Aircraft: C-47, 1944-1945; C-54, 1945-1946.
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This gang was known as the "unholy quintet" due to their legendary 3-day passes into Salt Lake City. That's the 320th hangar in the background. The plane that they were working on behind them was a C54.

(from left)
Ted Epling
Alan McMahon (propeller mechanic)
William Bolles (crew cheif)
me-Russ Elvidge (electrician)
Lee Brown (crew cheif)


The Unholy Quintet again, but in a different order:

(from left)
William Bolles
Alan McMahon
Ted Epling
Lee Brown
Russ Elvidge